Launching Summer 2022

We’re in the midst of a climate crisis.

People want to shop better but they don’t know how.

Consumers want to buy better products

Ethical consumerism in the UK has grown 4x in the last 20 years.

32% of consumers were highly engaged with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle in 2021.

But they don’t know where to find them

42% of consumers find buying more sustainably too complicated.

They cite it taking too much time and effort, as well as not having enough information about the issues.

Laws are changing and investment is booming

🧴 50% aiming to reduce single-use plastic consumption

🍴 32% of shoppers aiming to purchase more plant-based food

🌍 28% of consumers have stopped buying certain products due to ethical or environmental concerns

📦 Over 50% of us want to use reusable packaging

We’re not the only ones speaking out

Interested in investing? Don’t miss out

Sustainability isn’t just going to be the future – it needs to be.

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