We’re building the UK’s biggest marketplace for sustainable products.

Come and sell with us.


The problem with shopping sustainably online

🔎️ Most consumers simply don’t know where to start

📝 They don’t understand the terms and certifications for sustainable products

❌ There isn’t one well-known place for consumers to find sustainable products

We’re here to make it simple for consumers

We’re creating a place where UK consumers can shop without worrying about their impact on the environment.

From cleaning products to clothing, kitchenware, skincare essentials and more, they can rest easy knowing they can always get it on Greenr.

In short, Greenr is:

💚 A home for sustainable products made by UK companies that care

🔍 Clear & simple labelling that shows how each product is sustainable

✊ A movement for sustainable shopping and living

Visit our homepage to read more. Or read more on our about us page to learn about who we are and our journey.

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